Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bird's Eye View....

This morning we went to the annual Tonasket Father's Day Fly-In, and what a beautiful day for it!  Here are some photos: 

Three passengers at a time.  First up:  My husband, son and father-in-law!

Overlooking some friends on Hwy. 20

Bannon Creek

The start of Aeneas Valley

Destination:  Overlooking our property (center)

Ell Lake (somewhat regaining it's "L" shape with recent rains)

Aeneas Valley:  Ell Lake, Round Lake, and Long Lake in distance
Peony Creek
My turn!  Looking south of Tonasket...

Overlooking Tonasket schools

Looking north of town - river pretty swollen and oozing over in places!

We turned around at Spectacle Lake and headed back to the airport.     

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  1. Stunning pictures! I love looking at aerial views of things I am familiar with - they always look so different from the air.